Workplace safety monitoring

Take control of safety and security compliance in your workplace

SafetyRange® ensures people in your workspace have the proper PPE (safety gear) and/or security clearance*.

Make sure only authorized and properly protected people are in your secure area.

Know an incident is happening, while it is happening with live alerts and notifications.

Find the relevant incident without reviewing hours of footage.

Learn powerful insights and analytics about your workspace through WebManager.

Make informed decisions based on live statistics on compliance and incidents.

Keep an independent record of incidents for later review and legal needs.

WebManager™ Software: Designed for business.

Tailored for you.

Our WebManager™ software runs the SafetyRange platform, delivering powerful analytics and reports.

  • Our advanced API can connect to most systems.

  • Gain real-time insights into your workplace safety.

Lockout:Tagout? You're covered with SafetyRange®

SafetyRange systems are capable of recognizing Lockout/Tagout events. If you have a malfunctioning piece of equipment and use a SafetyRange Lockout/Tagout, our system can change your PPE requirements in that zone.

SafetyRange® is designed to give you proactive alerts by email, text or push notification.

Our products work across all devices from smartphones to tablets and computers. We've got you covered.

Plan choices for your business needs

Suits both startups and large organizations


Great for new companies

Advanced Search Analytics
Facility Search
Software Updates
Email Support
Basic Developer API

Starter plus the following

Custom Reporting
Automatic Camera Updates
Rule Recommendations
Phone Support
Enhanced Developer API

Professional plus the following

Historical Analytics
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Advanced Security Controls
Dedicated Account Manager
Robust Developer API

Take control of your
compliance now

SafetyRange® is the compliance solution you've been waiting for. It's packed with a lot of great features, yet it's very friendly and easy to use.

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